Prosecco & Me


It would be easy to take the heritage of my grandfather and follow the already created way …. But I decided to accept the challenge,  to follow the modern technique and loving the tradition in order to create something new, something timeless. As a tribute to the people that worked hard through the centuries on the wonderful sun-kissed slopes of  Valdobbiadene.

Tognon Wines


Vineyards Tognon are located in Valdobbiadene historical zone where prosecco is produced from 16th century. We are able to deliver the most original taste thanks to carefully selected grapes, high control standards and traditional approach.


But as the new generation we love to impress going beyond prosecco traditional experience.  Therefore you can find between our wines also luxury edition of white sparkling wines which were developed as a tribute to our ancestors

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Winetasting & Picnic


As mentioned our target is not just to produce wine but mainly to help people to understand what prosecco means for real. The greedy market already destroyed a lot of  prosecco reputation and we trully believe that the hidden magic of Valdobbiadene needs to be rediscovered.

We offer unforgetable wine tastings directly in the vineyards. Wonderful trips around whole Valdobbiadene area and Venice. If you are looking for new adventures, exceptional wines, fantastic food and hidden beauty of north Italy you have found the right place. We promisse you to change the way you look at the bottle of prosecco forever.

Davide : IT/EN  0039 338 937 3516

Eva : DE/SK/EN  00421 907 634 206

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Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Eva & Davide