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It was not always my dream to be a winemaker. I studied industrial design and first steps  in my career journey were in this area. But one think in my life never changed. I love Valdobbiadene and I love to see physical results of my work.


I am one of the happy people that grew up in Valdobbiadene hills and know how this area changed in last 30 years. There is a big difference between the golden age when my grandfather started to develop first prosecco business and today´s industrial brands which do not care about the tradition and quality.

So day after day, week after week I watched myself and recognized that what surrounds me whole my life is what I want to work on. The Tognon Winery was not created to sell millions of bottles but to educate people about what Prosecco really is, how the real quality taste and why Valdobbiadene historical zone needs to be protected. 

It was just the destiny that I met woman that share my dreams and love wine as much as I do. But about my lovely Eva another time ....

Winery Tognon is not just next prosecco production. It is the new generation of Valdobbiadene winemakers which want to protect the tradition and save the knowledge for next generations.

Davide Tognon